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Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Do you know what happens when springs break? Garage doors don’t open. If they are open, they slam down. And that’s bad news. But springs can cause trouble even before they snap. And that’s one more reason why you should call us to inspect them and do the necessary garage door torsion spring repair in Seabrook, Texas.

  • Is the door not opening with the same ease as before?
  • Does the torsion spring make a loud noise?
  • Is the door sliding down when you want it to stay open?
  • Does it come down quicker than usually?

These are all symptoms that there is a problem with the spring. After all, they cannot be tensed like the first day after hundreds of cycles! And then it’s the question of corrosion. Spring coils might rust. Spring parts, like the brackets, bearings, the shaft, or even the cables, might get damaged. Garage Door Repair Seabrook is here to tackle all problems in one go. Give us a call today and let us handle spring repairs.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair Seabrook

Equipped to provide quick torsion spring repair

We are at your service to offer the required torsion spring repair in Seabrook. From the moment springs are installed, they need some servicing in order to play their role as main garage door parts. Let us play our role too. Our spring repair experts will be there to do any service needed. Don’t forget that springs vary based on brand and type. Some have flexible, some stiff coils. Others are designed for overhead and some for rollup doors. What we do includes:

  • Broken torsion spring replacement
  • Spring adjustments – release or add tension
  • Install new spring
  • Replace spring parts
  • Lubrication

Need broken torsion spring replacement urgently? Depend on us

When you call for garage door torsion spring replacement, know that our tech will be well-equipped and carry the new spring for your door. We take all precautions to remove the existing spring safely. Then focus on the installation of the new one. The service is not completed before we do the required adjustments. We make sure the springs are tensed enough to balance and lift the door.

We are here to fix torsion but also extension springs. Our team is available for same day spring services and promises very reasonable rates. Call us if your spring is broken or makes noises. Depend on our garage door torsion spring repair Seabrook experts and services.

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